KOWSAR brick factory is located in Habibabad industrial zone, in an area of 30 hectare. The factory which is consisting of 2 production lines is being managed by Haj Mostafa Merikhipour and the team of experts, with 30 years of experience for the production of first grade facing brick.
The production qualities, including the yellow, red and pink color bricks have the standards permit since year 2005.
The products are being exported to Iraq, Russia and the countries around the Persian Gulf.
Recently, Kowsar brick factory has started-up the most modern fully automatic production line, including the tunnel kiln, with the European state of art technology, enjoying the best quality as well as energy conservation. The advantage of using the tunnel kiln is the uniformity of the quality, color and the physical mechanical properties of the bricks, compairing with the traditional Hoffmann kiln products.
The production process is being controlled by the PLC and electronically measurement and control system, which prevents the traditional errors


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    Contact Information

    • 51°47'11"E   32°45'51"N 
    • Address: Shahid Shalbaf Ave.,4th km Habibabad Road, Isfahan, Iran
    • Sale Uinit: Jey Street, Isfahan, Iran
    • Phone :+9831-35493036-40 And 95023903